Dragon War Game

Dragon War Game is an Ethereum, Merlin Chain team-based shooting online game where players ride dragons to engage in fast-paced aerial combat. Master various professions and dragon skills, participate in intense arena battles, and together with your team, dominate the skies in fast-paced aerial combat. Become a legendary dragon knight, and join forces with the flames! Engage in intense aerial combat, command your dragon, and demonstrate your strength to your opponents in high-speed skirmishes. Competition is ruthless, and only by adhering to the rules of the game can you leave your mark! Achieve team victories in different game modes!

Arena: A slaughter frenzy, special powers appearing in the arena, unleashing hell upon your opponents. This is team deathmatch, dragon knight style!

Loot: Steal gold from powerful creatures and enemy teams while protecting your own gold nest, and adapt to various unexpected situations through unique levels to experience different gameplay styles, each level having its own abilities! Be the Wind’s Shield and Deception, be the Hunter’s Tracking and Destruction, be the Phantom’s Stealth and Traps, or be the Storm Master’s Charge and Thunder to intimidate your opponents! How will you choose the path to victory? How will you choose your path to triumph?