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Dragon Race Competition

Embrace the challenge, conquer the sky, claim victory, and become the fastest Dragon Rider in the qualifying race. Are you ready to spread your wings and join the Dragon Race Speed Mode? The mighty dragons await you—let the adventure begin!



With renowned equipment and legendary dragons only true Dragon Warriors possess, stand out on the battlefield! With each level of progress you make, opportunities arise to customize your career character and dragon with new options, making them both unique.

Dragons and Riders: In “Dragon War,” equipment can be unlocked in the shop. Customize your dragon with legendary skins, shiny armor, gorgeous saddles, and more. Enhance your team’s combat power with meticulously crafted armor, weapons, cloaks… everything needed to shine in the arena!

Dragon War” is an NFT game featuring multiplayer dragon battles, aiming to provide users with an engaging experience. Players collect characters and dragons to battle enemies. GOLD obtained from these battles can extend their lifespan by one day and earn profit rewards along the way.

The Dragon 404 token will serve as a mount NFT in the game. To participate in battles, players must own at least one Dragon 404. Only when a dragon teams up with a hero can they engage in combat to earn gold coins

The game will use oracles to balance the game economy.


The reason for using an oracle is to keep the game’s economy balanced around a set dollar value. There is a limited amount of $GOLD tokens that can be circulated in the economy, and an influx of players could exhaust all $GOLD tokens present in the game contract

Through the use of oracles, Dragon War establishes a connection between active users and the dollar value of $GOLD. The assumption is that when the price of $GOLD rises, demand for $GOLD also increases with the release of new game features or an influx of new players. The oracle ensures that each transaction pays a consistent dollar value at the time of the transaction, while also ensuring that the minting cost of NFTs maintains a consistent dollar value

This means that entry costs and rewards can be balanced and maintained over the long term, and will accurately reflect the required minting costs to give new players a chance to play even as the dollar value of $GOLD increases.

Heroic Figure

Game scene



Build a team

Develop the website

Organize community events

Mint the NFT game

More marketing hype

Token presale

Game launch

Listing on CG, CMC

Develop V2, add more games

Listing on OKX, KuCoin

Develop gaming blockchain

Listing on Binance